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Terms of Service(s):

Grimestopper's, LLC agrees to supply all equipment and chemicals needed to complete the job. Cost of services to be PAID IN FULL upon receipt, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. The moving of furniture or other obstructions will be at an additional charge. It is the customer's responsibility to arrange and/or provide access to the premises, as well as access to a working water source, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. If key's and/or alarm codes are required, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure granted access to the premisses on date, and time of services. This agreement will remain valid for future services, with the exception of any agreed upon changes in services, fees, visits, and times.

Late Fees and Penalties:

Late payments or other billing/payment concerns MUST BE DISCUSSED and PREARRANGED with a team member of Grimestopper's, LLC before the scheduled start date of a job. Failure to do so will result in a late penalty. 


Grimestopper's, LLC performs a complete perimeter inspection of each home, office, or building prior to cleaning and will inform the homeowner or Property Manager of any damages or defects that we may notice before we proceed. Also, if we see a window not closed and locked, we will attempt to alert the homeowner, tenant or notify the Property Manager before proceeding. We take every precauation to ensure the safety of your property and keep your plants and landscape healthy and unharmed.

There are instances where we have seen fresh paint applied over a moldy, mildewed surface without proper and necessary paint preparation. It is a fact that window seals, as well as door sweeps fail over a period of time and require periodic maintenance. we have seen instances where other companies have come in before us and used harsh chemicals that were not properly rinsed, and predisposed the paint to fail under any subsequent cleanings. Therefore, we can assume no liability/responsibilty to things that are beyond our control.