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At Grimestopper's, LLC, we understand that the journey to a pristine, brand-new-looking home or office is sometimes more challenging than first anticipated. Only the best suited and highest quality chemicals, surfactants, and equipment are used by Grimestopper's, LLC. The fact of the matter is that no two jobs are identical. This means different approaches, preperations, chemical detergents, dilution ratios, etc. must be accounted for on each job in order to achieve the final product that we are proud to put our name and reputation on. That being said, the knowledge and experience of how to properly use and neutralize chemicals is imperative to ensure the health and safety of you, the client, your family, pets, plants, landscape, and most importantly, our environment. We also offer 100% eco-friendly alternatives upon request. So by choosing Grimestopper's, LLC to help you with your cleaning project, you will also be helping local birds of prey and rehabilitating local wildlife. A percentage of each job is donated to these local organizations.
We are cleaning up the lowcountry, and making new friends along the way!


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Soft Washing

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Deck Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning

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Roof Washing

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Pressure Washing

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A little about Grimestopper's, LLC...

Owner Joshua Vermilyea and his long time girlfriend, Melissa, have always been known for their love of wildlife and nature, but more importantly, thier work ethic and astute attention to detail. While these are respectable attributes, professional exterior cleaning requires a bit more... That is why we make it a point to travel and attend annual chemical safety seminars and educational, hands on, training/certification courses from OSHA, UAMCC, PWNA, Front 9 Restoration, among others. This allows us to better understand the true chemistry and pH levels of different varieties of organic and inorganic stains, as well as what detergents to use in order to safely and effectively treat and remove them. There is far more to house washing than just spraying bleach and water, and our results speak for themselves. If you are looking to bring back your curb appeal, be the envy of the neighborhood, or are trying to list your property, we are here to get your property looking its absolute best. Grimestopper's, LLC is fully licensed and insured and we service Beaufort County, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas of the lowcountry. We specialize in residential and commercial pressure washing, soft washing, roof soft washing, roof/gutter debris removal, gutter face polishing, wood deck restoration, dock/pier cleaning, paver sealing, and traditional squeegee window cleaning services. 

We love what we do, and bringing out that amazing "after result" from a dirty, discolored, "before" never gets old. We, at Grimestopper's, LLC, are perfectionists (to put it mildly), and as we all know, perfection is near impossible to achieve, so we aim for perfection and strive for excellence on every job we are privileged to work on. Many of our competitors aren't concerned with being the best in the industry or to even be known for a "good" quality of work... They just want the check. They claim to put the clients' interests/concerns above all, but then leave you with a less than adequate end result and give you a bunch of excuses for why it didn't turn out the way you expected. We call this the "In and Out routine", which is just an uneducated crew rushing through one job to hurry to the next one. Well, that's unacceptable here. So the bottom line is that without allowing the proper amount of time to address each problem area, you won't get the impeccable look that you, the client, deserve and are expecting... Not to mention paying for! Many companies don't have the standards we have, nor do they truly care about their customers' property. For us, it is truly about the satisfaction of our customers, transforming your investments into something beautiful that you can enjoy again with friends and family, and hopefully making some friends along the way. Thank you so much for supporting our team!

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